A downloadable game for Windows

Destroy the infections invading your patients by shrinking yourself and cutting them down! Made in two weeks-ish, in 64x64 resolution for the #LOWREZJAM.


WASD to move

E to interact 

Mouse to look

Left Click, Right Click, Space to Attack

Left Click to maneuver between organs and veins

1,2,3,4 to change weapon


You're a real person, so these small microbes can't hurt you! They can push you around, and force you out of the organs you need to defend, though, and they're decaying away the organs they're inside!

Livers spawn enemies that spawn more enemies! Target them first!

Hearts and Brains are sensitive! Avoid hitting the walls, and make sure to beat the infections fast before they start hitting the walls!

Your Space attacks are powerful, but have cooldowns! Each cooldown has it's own sound to indicate when it's ready to use again, so swap your weapons freely to make use of all of them!

If you fail to beat an organ before it is lost to infection, don't worry, just keep going! You can retry levels in the room to the north.

Art by LightningFenrir

Music and SFX by 200sc

Code by Implausiblyfun, 200sc

Built using Oak.
Game source for perusal of fast, undocumented code available here.

Install instructions

For 32 bit computers, run fantastic_32.exe.

For 64 bit computers, run fantastic_64.exe.

If you aren't sure, the 32 bit version should work regardless.


fantastic_win.zip 20 MB

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